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Mansee Singhi, a member of the United Nations International Dance Council, is a trained and accomplished Kathak  dancer specializing in the Lucknow and Jaipur Gharanas. She has showcased her performance at various International festivals representing the country and has performed in several dance and cultural exchanges in India, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States of America. Her talent was crafted and refined under the guidance of renowned Kathak Guru – Smt. Asha Joglekar and she has also trained with other leading gurus of India. Her lucid compositions are very original in style. She has been training as a dancer since she was seven years old. Notably her mastery of style remains in Kathak and folk arts of Rajasthan – Ghoomar. Mansee strongly believes in collaborating with other artists and performers to learn, share and spread the art form. Other than these skills, she possesses interests in learning other International dance types like Egyptian belly dance. Mansee has choreographed various dance pieces and has been invited to conduct educational workshops and demonstrations.

List of her recent projects:

  • Kala Sangam – A confluence a of two dance forms from Northern and Southern parts of the Indian sub-continent namely Bharatnatyam and Kathak
  • Beat and Taal – An engaging musical composition linking the traditional and modern Kathak
  • Path to Happiness – A Journey of emotions to attain true inner peace and happiness expressed through Kathak
  • Ta Dha – A collaboration showcasing Tap dance and Kathak
Contact Info: manseessinghi@gmail.com